About Us

Who we are

The Initiative for Equality and Non-Discrimination and from LGBTIQ organisations. Respondents (INEND) was established in 2015 in response to the need for new, expanded and diversified organising, on issues affecting sexual and gender minorities. As the sexuality and gender diversity movement in Kenya continued to grow, it became evident that it was necessary to strategically and systematically engage with various actors in mainstream society, particularly those who were known perpetrators of violence and discrimination, as a means of reducing violations against sexual and gender minorities.

The Initiative for Equality and Non-Discrimination (INEND) is a local not-for-profit organisation that undertakes strategic actions towards equality, acceptance and inclusion in the Coast Region of Kenya.

INEND’s programming is innovative, courageous and visionary and is carried out by a passionate, professional and dedicated team.


NEND’s vision is of an inclusive society and dignified lives for all.


INEND’s mission is to foster an environment where sexual and gender minorities are respected, treated with worth and co-exist peacefully within the society; through advocacy, knowledge generation, communication, and community engagement.

INEND’s objectives are:

1. To change public perceptions and attitudes towards sexual and gender minorities by creating awareness, and fostering dialogue;

2. To engage policy makers on policy review and formulations that involve the human rights of sexual and gender minorities;

3. To create a network of allies, supporters and change-makers who ensure the protection, inclusion and participation of sexual and gender minorities, in public and private spaces.


Our organisation is founded on the following core values which underpin our work and institutional structures:

Non-discrimination: We believe that all human beings are equal and deserving of dignity without exception;

Respect: We will strive to create spaces where there is respect for people, dignity and rights. We will respect our lives, our engagements and our partnerships;

Commitment: We are committed to and determined to realise our goals to the highest attainable standards;

Accountability: As we hold others accountable for violations and missteps so shall we hold ourselves to account for the actions and vision to which we commit ourselves.

Integrity: We believe that being holistic in who we are and what we do is fundamental to achieving our vision. We will entrench integrity in our engagements and partnerships, embracing our values and applying them consistently, honestly and appropriately.

Inclusion: Our vision of an inclusive society is one where everyone has intrinsic value and worth, and where who you are or who you love is not the basis for access, opportunity, connectedness or belonging.