Who We Are

Initiative for Equality and Non Discrimination (INEND) was established in 2015 in response to the need for new, expanded and diversified organizing, on issues affecting sexual and gender minorities in Kenya.


INEND specifically engages strategically and systematically with various actors in society, particularly those who are known perpetrators of violence and discrimination, as a means of reducing violations towards sexual and gender minorities (SGM).


We  have Not only gained respect from external stakeholders, but INEND is also considered a model and inspiration for other LBQ organisations due to our consistent innovative strategies for advocacy and engagement with various stakeholders.




INEND’s work has been described as exciting, innovative, thoughtful and applauded for being courageous and transformative.For the first time in Kenya’s history, INEND led a team of officially accredited LBQ organisations to observe the country’s  2022 general elections through ‘Queering the Ballot’ project.


We have made significant progress and yet it is also very constrained given the context for sexual and gender minorities in Kenya that remains difficult with laws that  criminalise expression of consensual same sex relations under the guise of “unnatural offences” and  “indecent acts”.


Stigma, discrimination, and outright ostracization are part of the lived realities of SGM in Kenya.





INEND’s vision is of an inclusive society and dignified lives for all.


INEND exists in order to ‘influence policies and practice amongst institutions, leaders and individuals for more proactive protection of the rights of sexual and gender minorities.’

Our Objectives

To change public perceptions and attitudes towards sexual and gender minorities by creating awareness, and fostering dialogue;

To create a network of allies, supporters and changemakers who ensure the protection, inclusion and participation of sexual and gender minorities, in public and private spaces.

To engage policy makers on policy review and formulations that involve the human rights of sexual and gender minorities;

Our Strategic Pillars

Policy Advocacy and Violence Prevention

Strategic engagement with key stakeholders and policy makers at county and national level with the mandate to ensure rule of law and access to justice.

Engaging Key Stakeholders

Persistent engagement with targeted stakeholders to contribute in influencing attitudes and expand allyship to advance non-discrimination and equality for sexual and gender minorities.

Capacity Strengthening

Providing capacity building to strengthen strategy and interventions to advance equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Convening & Dialogue

Fostering a Strengthened and collective LBQ organizing in Kenya to ensure a diverse and autonomous movement

Our Core Values

Non Discrimination

 We believe that all human beings are equal and deserving of dignity without exception


We are committed and determined to realise our goals to the highest attainable standards


We strive to create /and/or influence spaces that are respectful of life, dignity and the rights of all people, particularly our partners, stakeholders and those with whom we engage.

Accountability & Integrity

As we embrace our values and apply them appropriately, honestly and consistently, we hold ourselves and others accountable for violations and missteps

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