Over the election period, INEND identified that above education and decreasing voter apathy within the community, non-partisan guidance was a huge gap!

The political space differed from our social justice work in that we had to be conscious of the implications That Whoever won the election would directly impact our work and our existence as an organisation. 

As representatives of Sexual and Gender Minorities, we know the historical and persistent social, economic, and political injustices that marginalised communities face and how oppressive systems can make self-determination feel impossible. To better understand these barriers, we conducted surveys and collected data in Mombasa- our home base and a county whose religious and cultural philosophies cause constant friction with local SGMs.

Through our analysis, we found the major reasons hindering Sexual and Gender Minorities participation are corruption, demoralising treatment, social attitudes, fear of violence and discrimination, and voice and vote suppression.

Fortified with all this information and subsequent additions from further engagements, We decided to take action and Not only survive but thrive!

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