To further protection,  inclusion, and justice for Sexual and Gender Minorities in Kenya, these are our strategic priorities:

  • 1. Violence Prevention and Rights Protection
  • 2. Center for Knowledge and Leadership
  • 3. Organisational Sustainability

INEND strategically engages with key stakeholders and policymakers at both county and national levels with the mandate to ensure the rule of law and access to justice.

We participate in forums that advance dialogues and conduct sensitisation forums aimed at developing inclusive policies that advance the Human rights of Sexual and Gender minorities. We also continue to implement Our Boda Boda model to target key stakeholders for constructive conversations on non-discrimination and equality.

INEND believes in co-creating spaces that intentionally challenge oppressive structures and systems. For the first time in Kenya’s history, we led a team of officially accredited LBQ organisations to observe the country’s 2022 general elections through #QueeringtheBallot

The Centre for Knowledge and Capacity is the main avenue through which INEND supports capacity strengthening for its partners. The Centre provides opportunities for learning and capacity development through structured training activities, practical/experiential tailormade interventions including mentoring and coaching, as well as opportunities for collective, and peer learning.

INEND also serves as a catalyst and co-convener of LBQ organising at the national level by contributing to movement building, growth, and sustainability of organisations through immersing efforts of LBQ women and GNC persons’ organizing by collectively amplifying our voices and improving our well-being.

At INEND we believe that Capacity Building is Not an Event, it is a process.

Our overall organizational health and sustainability is necessary for effectiveness and ability to achieve our mission and goals. Due to the context that we work in, we seek to strengthen our institutional foundation by ensuring the effectiveness of our systems and structures for accountability while centering staff wellbeing.

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