On Tuesday 12, September 2023, the Supreme Court of Kenya reaffirmed its earlier decision to allow LGBTQ+ groups to register as NGOs, while dismissing a challenge to that ruling by Homa Bay Town MP Peter Opondo Kaluma.

As INEND,galck+ , National Gay Lesbian Human Rights Commission (NGLHRC),Upinde Advocates For Inclusion(UAFI),HAPA Kenya and Defenders Coalition ,we extend a reminder once again that the culture of hate has divided nations and left gaping wounds, while countries that have learnt to embrace their diversity thrive in every facet.

We reminded the Anti-Human rights movement that instead of demonstrating against certain sections of the population, how about dedicating that energy to understanding those you see as “different” while focusing more on solving the real enemies of our nation; poverty, unemployment, poor health facilities, hunger, and despondency? As a people, we share the same destiny, have the same fears, experience the same national issues, and want the best for everyone. Our strength lies in these simple virtues, not in hate.

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