Queering The Ballot Report clearly shows that queer Kenyans can no longer be ignored or wished away in a country that Our existence is regarded as a ”non-issue” or viewed as a Distraction.

We have the right to fully participate in all civic processes, including the electoral process, which is a critical civic duty and form of expression as Electoral processes directly impact the lived realities of vulnerable and marginalized groups, including the LGBTQ+ community.

Elected leaders are responsible for the development of laws and policies regarding their rights, such as equality before the law, non-discrimination, access to resources, as well as services tailor-made for the community. Furthermore, elected leaders hold great influence on the attitudes of the general public, and could therefore make or break social and cultural changes that are vital to the advancement and protection of the rights of queer people in the country.

This report paints a contextual picture of the evolution and monumental milestones preceding the 2022 general elections.