BQ women and GNC persons organising have  for long been left behind in the  growth of movement and Queer organising. Thus INEND’s Experiential learning  fellowship is a way to invest & support  young LBQ women and GNC persons  organising  in Kenya.

INEND will walk the journey with  3 LBQ women and GNC Persons  organisations who will lead us to the next phase of this movement; holistically Enhancing their leadership and institutional capacity.

The Experiential Learning Fellowship  will ensure  the leadership of LBQ women and GNC persons is enhanced with a long term impact of  better programming  for LBQ women and GNC persons. The  cohort will have the capacity to break down systematic disenfranchising, with INEND  focusing on continuously building and enhancing capacity of  the cohort organisation, and its leadership .

When we support this cohort, they will be able to take up other LBQ women and GNC persons  organisations, and offer the same capacity to support ensuring sustainable LBQ women and GNC persons movement.

‘’Capacity Building is Not an Event; it is a process.’’


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